DS Immo - the beginning


DS Immo originates from a customer's inquiry for a residential complex management system

DS Immo is a product of Dev Scale EOOD.

Dev Scale develops web-based applications, resource management systems, ERP and CMS systems, websites, and online stores. DS Immo started as a customer inquiry about a system to support the management of a residential complex. In the beginning, the project includes basic functionalities for the property manager. The system is rather clear - it shows all the entered properties, their owners, and occupants. A reference to the list of properties and their details can be generated and exported.

Modules: Description and functionalities:
Dashboard This is the home screen when logging in. It can be seen which complexes the manager is responsible for.
Users Here are managed all property owners and occupants of properties in the complex.
Properties In this module are all the properties in the complex, with all the details related to them.
Reference This module generates reports that can be extracted in Excel spreadsheet format.

DS Immo is

DS Immo is a proven management software of properties of all types and sizes.