Property and facility management software

DS IMMO optimizes processes
in property management

Leading property management companies trust DS Immo,

because it:

  • Saves time and effort

  • Reduces possible errors

  • Allows individual references and reports

  • Available from anywhere and on any device

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Automatic issuing of invoices and payment receipts on a monthly basis

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Data security

Data is kept in proven international DATA HOSTING partners, where a backUp is possible

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Access levels

The system allows the creation of different levels of access according to the needs of the manager and the features of the complex

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Dashboard of owner

Summary of the most important information for the owner. At the bottom of each dashboard, you can see the current liabilities to the property. 

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In the account of the house manager, there is a list of all property owners in the complex. From there, data can be edited, user access can be granted and denied, and new owners can be added.

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Dashboard of inhabitant

The latest system messages from the House Manager, information about his property and the documents related to the maintenance of the building are shown.

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Property list

All properties of the owner in one place.

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The system has improved our accountability and saved us a lot of time and effort in communicating with the owners and occupants of our complex.

Biad S

DS Immo is designed with attention to detail and user-friendliness - extremely easy and intuitive to use. We had a few specific requirements, but this was not a problem for the adaptive modules of the system. I recommend DS Immo to any property manager with multiple complexes.

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Flexible pricing plans

Everyone has different needs to be successful in their business, we know that.


Everything you need for the effective property management

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  • No hidden and additional fees
  • Full access to all modules
  • Statements of liabilities and payments
  • Issuance of invoices / receipts
  • Messages for the clients
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Easy to use interface
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Adaptive functionalities just in case

The system is modular and allows gradual expansion and addition of functionalities according to the specifics of the complex.

More residential complexes

Real time

Different payment methods

Customizable modules

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Custom and filtered reports

DS Immo provides opportunities for personal inquiries on custom criteria and for a custom period of time.

Generating and attaching documents

The system automatically issues invoices for the clients' monthly obligations and a receipt can be issued upon payment.

System messages and signals

Through DS Immo the communication between the manager of the complex and the owners and occupants is extremely easy.

Data security

DS Immo partners with reliable and proven international Data Hosting partners and guarantees the security of your data.

Adaptive functionalities

DS Immo is a modular system and allows gradual expansion and addition of new features according to customer needs.

Easy and intuitive interface

DS Immo comes with a detailed manual for use, which is online and is updated systematically with each system upgrade.

Saves time and effort

DS Immo has all the necessary features for successful property management and facilitates all routine activities of the property manager.

Web based system

DS Immo is a web-based system and works on all devices and browsers. All you need is internet access and you can use DS Immo effectively.

DS Immo is

DS Immo is a proven management software of properties of all types and sizes.