DS Immo - improvements 2023


Banking connectivity, online general meetings and payments

Over the past year, DS Immo has undergone many improvements and received new functionalities further to facilitate the management of residential and commercial complexes.

1. Bank connectivity - through the implemented API integration, you can now receive information in real time about received invoice payments. The system automatically notes the repaid debts with the received payments. No more online banking, redundant accesses and comparing data and references. Invoice payments are automatically reflected daily.

2. A long-awaited change in the Condominium Management Act concerns the holding of general meetings online. With a legislative amendment in no. 82 of the State Gazette and in force from 29.09.2023, this is now possible. DS Immo allows sending an invitation to online meetings through a system message in the owner's dashboard and by email. It also records the received and read status and sends the meeting link after confirmation of participation. This functionality is available on some of the most popular online dating platforms.

3. DS Immo supports online credit card payments by owners. The paid obligations are reflected in the system automatically and their status changes.

4. Custom solutions - in order to be flexible and meet all possible requirements, we have added a module for generating obligations. Through it, obligations can be set up for a longer future period of time for a specific owner. The new obligation may involve only part of the owner's property or all of it. Also, the system evaluates which properties have already generated liabilities and excludes them from the list.

DS Immo is

DS Immo is a proven management software of properties of all types and sizes.