DS Immo - improvements June


Add options for manually editing and adding obligations

Dev Scale wants DS Immo to meet all the needs of the property manager, so we don’t stop adding and updating the functionalities of the system.

The latest changes are the addition of the opportunity to manually edit the owners' obligations. Although the complete automation of generating liabilities and issuing invoices to them on a monthly basis, sometimes changes need to be made. We have created a new functionality that allows you to edit the obligations of the owner, without changing the date or number of an already issued invoice, but only its value.

In addition, the manager can now manually add a new obligation for an incomplete month, for example. This reduces the possibility of errors and omissions in the generation of payment obligations and invoices.

Modules: Description and functionalities:
Dashboard This is the home screen when logging in. It can be seen which complexes the manager is responsible for.
Users Here are managed all property owners and occupants of properties in the complex.
Properties  In this module are all the properties in the complex, with all the details related to them.
Reference This module generates reports that can be extracted in Excel spreadsheet format.
Signals The "Signals" module shows all sent signals concerning the specific property, entrance or building of the owner.
Obligations Liabilities for all owned properties, with details, value, method of payment and payment status.

DS Immo is

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