DS Immo - improvements


First improvements to the DS Immo property management system

The proptech industry includes all platforms, tools and software designed to support real estate activities. The trend in recent years is for investments in proptech projects to increase many times over. The potential for development is huge, so Dev Scale continues to improve its DS Immo system to meet the needs of the market.

Just a few weeks after the release of DS Immo, the system now has new features. The manager of the complex can now obtain a report of the obligations by filtered results. The property owners in the complex have access to the released signals concerning their properties, as well as they have the opportunity to submit signals on their own behalf. Dev Scale aims to facilitate and improve the work of complex managers, as well as to improve communication and accountability between them and owners/occupants.

Modules: Description and functionalities:
Dashboard This is the home screen when logging in. It can be seen which complexes the manager is responsible for.
Users Here are managed all property owners and occupants of properties in the complex.
Properties  In this module are all the properties in the complex, with all the details related to them.
Reference This module generates reports that can be extracted in Excel spreadsheet format.
Signals The "Signals" module shows all sent signals concerning the specific property, entrance or building of the owner.
Obligations Liabilities for all owned properties, with details, value, method of payment and payment status.

DS Immo is

DS Immo is a proven management software of properties of all types and sizes.